The Wyoming School of Catholic Thought presents

The Splendor of Imagination
Returning from Exile

June 11-15, 2017 | Lander, Wyoming

$2,000 per couple | $1,200 per individual | Scholarships available
Accommodations, Meals, and Reading Materials Provided

Throughout the Western tradition—from classical philosophers to biblical patriarchs, from the medieval period to modernity—great authors from Plato to C.S. Lewis have reflected on the state of exile as a way to describe man’s earthly journey. Moses, exiled from the Egypt of his oppression, looks over into the long-imagined land of milk and honey that he will never enter; Dante and Boethius spend their last years aching for a home they will never see again; and Shakespeare’s Prospero, with his dramatic power over the imagination, uses his magic as an art of return from exile. Wyoming Catholic College faculty will lead a week-long seminar using film, poetry, philosophy, theology, and music to explore how artists have used their crafts to awaken the bittersweet image of being in exile and to create the desire for a more permanent home.

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